1. Background Checks

    How Long Does a Background Check Take?

    Depending on the type of background check and the reason you require it, the length of time the check takes can vary. There can be many internal, external, and even legal factors that impact the waiti…Read More

  2. Can Poppy Seeds Affect Drug Tests?

    As one of the nation’s leading pre-employment drug screening providers, the 3rd Degree Screening team gets this question a lot: Can eating poppy seeds cause a false positive on my drug test? This is…Read More

  3. How It Works: Criminal Background Check

    Whether you are considering a new hire, a new tenant, or vetting volunteers, a criminal background check can help you determine whether an applicant is truly a good fit for your needs. If you think th…Read More

  4. What is a Background Check?

    We have probably all been through a background check before, most likely as a new employee or a tenant. You likely already have a general understanding of what is involved. However, there are a lot of…Read More