Aug 26, 2013


Organizations are all trying to save money. They don’t want to have to lay people off so they look at their current processes and see where they can reduce costs. Unfortunately when this happens, sometimes the wrong things get cut completely or budgets get reduced and then shortcuts are made.

One process organizations should not try to cut corners is with regards to their screening services, such as background checks and drug testing. Why? That upfront cost is nothing when you look at what the following companies had to pay because they did not properly screen their employees:

A trucking company in Arkansas, Dunaway Timber Co., was sued for negligent hiring due to the fact one of their drivers caused an accident that caused the death of a man. The suit against the company alleged that the company was negligent by failing to perform a background check on their driver. A confidential settlement was reached between the family of the deceased and Dunaway Timber Co. after the jury awarded $7 million in the case. Had a background check been done that included a motor vehicle report, it would have shown that the driver’s license had been revoked two times before for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

A church in Delaware is accused of hiring and employing a youth pastor whom was an accused sexual aggressor. The youth pastor sexually assaulted a teenage girl who was seeing him for counseling. The jury in this case has suggested the victim be awarded $3.6 million.

These are just two examples of many more that can be found on the web. The point is, what these companies would have spent to do a comprehensive background check on their employees is far less than what they ended up paying. Yes the company had to pay a significant amount of money, but the bigger picture is that an innocent person was harmed and a life was lost because the organization did not perform a thorough background check.

Drug testing is another screening that should not go away because of budget restraints. Having a drug testing policy in place, that your organization is implementing, can protect you from liability should something happen because someone was under the influence on the job.

Every organization is not going to be an expert on screening their employees or volunteers. There are resources out there to that can help companies gather all the information necessary when it comes to hiring decisions. 3rd Degree Screening can be that resource for your organization by conducting a comprehensive background check as well as coordinating drug testing.

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