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Enhance your business with top-tier background checks.

Integrate comprehensive background checks seamlessly into your platform or service by partnering with 3rd Degree Screening. Whether you want to list our products in your marketplace or integrate them directly into your platform, we offer flexible partnership options to suit your needs.

Why Partner with 3rd Degree Screening?

Maximize Your Savings

Background Check API

Our open API effortlessly integrates with your app or platform, providing a modern and user-friendly screening experience that reflects positively on your brand.

Unlock New Revenue

Expand your product offerings and enjoy enticing partner incentives, including revenue sharing, partner-preferred pricing, and wholesale pricing options.

Hands-On Approach

As a 3rd Degree Screening partner, you gain access to dedicated account management, technical and marketing support, and guidance from our industry-leading compliance experts.

Explore the Right Partnership for You

Use 3rd Degree Screening

Leverage 3rd Degree Screening to conduct background checks on your employees, contractors, borrowers, and more.

  • Integrate checks directly into your workflow

  • Decrease candidate drop-off and shorten turnaround times

  • Run domestic and international background checks through one integration

Refer Clients

Add 3rd Degree Screening to your website or marketplace and receive a revenue share for referring customers.

  • Offer your clients screening

  • Help your clients offer a better candidate experience

  • Trust in industry-leading support for your clients


White labeled service 3rd Degree Screening into your platform and sell our products to your customers at your price.

  • Expand your product offering

  • Increase your company revenue

  • Provide your clients with a global background screening solution and exceptional support

Wholesale Provider

If you have services you would like 3rd Degree Screening to offer your clients.

Let's Partner Together

Experience the benefits of partnering with 3rd Degree Screening and elevate your business with top-rated PBSA Accredited background screening company. Contact us today to discuss the perfect partnership option for your organization.

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