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Enhancing Patient Safety through Comprehensive Healthcare Sanction Searches

At 3rd Degree Screening, we understand that patient safety is of paramount importance for healthcare organizations. To ensure a safe environment and protect patients from potential harm, it is crucial to thoroughly verify the identity, credentials, and backgrounds of healthcare providers. Our Healthcare Sanction Searches play a pivotal role in this process, providing your organization with the necessary tools to identify individuals and entities excluded from federal and state healthcare programs.

The Significance of Comprehensive Data Sources

The accuracy and effectiveness of healthcare screenings rely on having access to a wide range of data sources. There is no consolidated list of bad actors or fraudulent individuals, making it imperative to utilize multiple data sources to establish a complete and accurate picture of someone's history. This not only prevents potential abuse from slipping through the cracks but also safeguards the reputation of providers who might be misidentified through less rigorous searches.

Our Healthcare Sanction Searches are powered by FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System), the gold standard data platform used nationwide. Owned and maintained by Verisys, FACIS includes primary source content from federal and state sources for exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and disciplinary actions against healthcare professionals and businesses.

FACIS Level 3 Background Check:Unparalleled Exclusion Screening and Verification

A FACIS Level 3 background check represents the gold standard in exclusion screening, verification, and monitoring. This comprehensive search encompasses the entire FACIS database, which comprises over 5,000 data sources, including historical and state data, millions of individual records, and continuous updates.

In contrast, a FACIS Level 1 background screening covers the minimum standards outlined in the Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidance. It includes federal databases like the Systems for Award Management (SAM) and the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), as well as applicable state-specific databases.

The Power of FACIS Level 3 Background Screening

A FACIS Level 3 background check offers unmatched depth and scope, going beyond Level 1 searches. It includes over 75,000 records added monthly, as well as historical data dating back to 1992. Moreover, FACIS continuously monitors providers even after their initial screening. This ensures that your healthcare organization remains vigilant in maintaining compliance and patient safety.

The databases covered in a FACIS Level 3 search include essential federal sources such as OIG, SAM, FDA Disbarment, DEA, TRICARE, FBI, U.S. DOJ, U.S. Treasury Dept, and U.S. State Dept. Additionally, it includes all state-level Federal Healthcare Entitlement Program (FHEP) sources, such as State Medicaid Exclusions, State Contractor Disqualification/Debarment Lists, HEAT Task Force News, State Attorney General News, Federal District – Attorney General News, and Medicare/Medicaid Opt-Out Lists.

Why Choose Verisys and FACIS?

Verisys is fully certified by both NCQA for 11 out of 11 certification services and URAC accredited. Our commitment to the highest data and industry standards ensures that you receive a clear, accurate, and reliable picture of your healthcare providers. We are dedicated to assisting you in maintaining patient trust, providing peace of mind to your organization, and delivering quality care to those you serve.

Trust 3rd Degree Screening for Healthcare Sanction Searches powered by FACIS to enhance patient safety, protect your healthcare organization, and maintain the highest level of credibility in the healthcare industry. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive healthcare sanction search services and how we can support your organization's mission.

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