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Social Media Screening: Uncover Behavioral Patterns

At 3rd Degree Screening, we understand the importance of thorough background checks to make informed hiring decisions. Social media screening is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into a candidate's online behavior and helps identify any potential red flags. Our social media screening process is designed to be fair, transparent, and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Why Reference Checks Matter

Reference checks play a pivotal role in the hiring process, offering a deeper understanding of a candidate beyond what is presented on their resume and during interviews. Speaking directly with past employers, supervisors, or colleagues provides valuable context about a candidate's past performance, work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

What We Screen For

Misconduct Behaviors

We flag direct intimidation, ostracizing, shaming, or name-calling directed at an individual. Our focus is on identifying behavior that may be harmful to others in a personal context.


We look for behavior that constitutes harassment, such as patronizing insults aimed at an individual. This helps protect your workplace from potential issues related to bullying and harassment.


We flag prejudiced content based on characteristics such as race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and national origin. We also identify the use of biased symbols and images that may indicate intolerance.


Our screening process identifies sexual innuendos, nude photos, explicit or suggestive imagery, adult sex stores, and pornographic content. This helps maintain a respectful and safe work environment.


We flag violent words and images, endorsements of gun violence, excessive gore, or indications of an intention to commit a violent act. This helps identify candidates who may pose a risk to your organization's safety.


We identify content that indicates a desire to physically hurt oneself or others, intent to destroy property, or behavior that involves control and intimidation.


Our screening process highlights involvement in crimes such as theft or terrorism, arrest records, gang affiliations, or support of criminal activity.


We flag the use, growth, or sale of cannabis, including CBD products, as well as any images related to cannabis.

Other Drugs

References to or consumption of illicit drugs and drug use outside of their intended purpose are flagged.

What We Don’t Screen For

Degrading Language towards Broader Audience

We do not flag degrading language towards a broader audience or non-human objects. Our focus is on identifying behavior that targets individuals.

Mainstream Political Beliefs

We do not screen for mainstream political beliefs or civil political discourse. Our screening process is designed to avoid biases and protect candidates' rights to express their political views.

Violent or Aggressive Acts of Other People

We do not flag content related to violent or aggressive acts committed by others, such as mixed martial arts.

Crimes Not Involving the Candidate

We do not include crimes not involving the candidate or cannabis consumption in our screening process.

Cigarettes, Cigars, E-cigarettes (Including Juul)

We do not flag content related to cigarettes, cigars, or e-cigarettes, including Juul.

Advocating Detox or Rehabilitation

We do not include content related to advocating detox or rehabilitation for drug use in our screening.

Get a Comprehensive Perspective

Our social media screening service is intended to provide your organization with a comprehensive perspective on candidates. By analyzing specific behaviors and avoiding biases, we help you make fair and informed decisions during the hiring process.

Uncover Behavioral Patterns With Confidence

Unveiling a candidate's online behavior can be essential to building a strong and harmonious team. Let 3rd Degree Screening handle your social media screening needs, ensuring that your workplace remains respectful, inclusive, and free from potential harm. Contact us today to integrate social media screening into your background check process and discover a deeper understanding of your candidates.

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