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Social Security Trace: The Foundation of Background Checks

At 3rd Degree Screening, our Social Security Trace serves as the starting point for comprehensive background checks. This vital step allows us to locate names and addresses associated with applicants, helping us determine the jurisdictions to search for a more thorough screening process.

Why Social Security Trace Matters?

The Social Security Trace is an essential tool that aids us in verifying an individual's identity and history. By accessing a vast network of databases, we can uncover historical address records and other vital information linked to an applicant's Social Security Number (SSN). This process helps us identify potential aliases, address history, and additional jurisdictions to investigate.

Consent-Based Social Security Verification

At 3rd Degree Screening, we prioritize the security and privacy of all individuals involved in the background check process. Our Consent-Based Social Security Verification (CBSV) ensures that we obtain accurate SSN verification with the explicit consent of the applicant.

CBSV is a partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that allows us to verify if a given SSN is valid, active, and matches the individual's name. This extra layer of verification boosts the reliability of our background checks and ensures that we have precise and up-to-date information to support our screening process.

Why Choose 3rd Degree Screening?

As a leading background check company, we understand that reliable and accurate information is critical to making informed decisions. Our Social Security Trace and CBSV services set the foundation for a comprehensive background check, providing you with the insights you need to make hiring choices confidently.

Trust 3rd Degree Screening to deliver fast, thorough, and compliant background checks that meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to screen potential employees, contractors, or tenants, our cutting-edge technology and dedicated team ensure the highest level of service and accuracy in the industry.

Partner with 3rd Degree Screening for a seamless and efficient background screening process. Let us help you build a safe and trustworthy workforce. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist your organization.

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