Simplify Your Employment Screening Process

Aug 04, 2013

Simplify Your Employment Screening Process

Everyone is busy – both in their professional life and their personal life. To help streamline our lives, we look for things to make them easier. An example would be the iPhone. The iPhone simplifies our personal and professional life because we can access our emails, our calendar, make phone calls, and receive text messages, all in one piece of equipment.

Apple created a one-stop shop for us with the iPhone. It provides a convenient and efficient service by lumping all those services into one product. Today convenience is key when living our personal lives and becoming more and more important in our professional lives. Human resources employees can simplify some of their processes by finding a one-stop shop that offers an applicant tracking system, background checks, and coordinates drug testing.

Any company that hires a new employee knows there are several steps in the process. First an ad is placed. Then applications come in to be reviewed. Next is the process of selecting the applicants that you want to interview. After the interviews and the choice has been narrowed down to one or two people, a background check needs to be ordered and the drug test needs to be scheduled at the same time or shortly after.

Many companies have an applicant tracking system in place. This system handles all the company’s recruiting needs. It is also the system that applicants can complete their online application in. Some background screening companies integrate with applicant tracking systems so when the time comes for the human resources representative to order a background check, the basic information is there from the applicant tracking system. That saves time from the human resources representative from having to re-enter demographic information for the background check to be performed.

3rd Degree ScreeningBackground screening companies are becoming that “one-stop shop” for human resources departments. Integrating with applicant tracking systems and partnering with drug testing companies give companies that are hiring the convenience of working with one vendor when they are hiring someone. Companies can get results from one company as well as one bill.

Background screening companies offer comprehensive services to clients so the client does not have to coordinate all those services. A client can order the background check and drug test for their prospective applicant from one site. Then an email is sent to the appropriate contact notifying them that the results are ready.

Obviously there is a time savings component in using a one-stop shop, but there can also be a savings in expenses as well. Instead of having to pay a company for the background check and the drug test, and possibly another payment to an applicant tracking system, clients can pay one company for all two (or three) services. And it is easier to manage one bill than two or three to different vendors.

The world we live in is all about simplifying our lives. Typically we are more focused on simplifying our personal lives than our professional lives. But why not choose a vendor that can simplify your employment screening process? 3rd Degree Screening can be that vendor for your company by integrating with your applicant tracking system (or if you don’t have one, we can offer you one), performing your background checks, and coordinate your drug testing needs.

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