How To Begin Random Drug Tests In Your Workplace

Jul 25, 2013

How To Begin Random Drug Tests In Your Workplace

Most companies have employee handbooks that are given to new hires when they start. It goes over the basic policies and procedures, dress code, PTO, insurance, etc. And then, typically, there is a place for the new hire to sign and date, acknowledging they understand what is in the handbook.

A lot of employers include a drug testing policy in the handbook but perhaps they only enforce part of it. For example, the drug testing policy may state that they do pre-employment, post-accident, and random drug testing. But the company has only really enforced the pre-employment testing and is now going to begin random testing.

How do they begin the process of random drug testing? First, make sure the policy clearly outlines who will be chosen for a random drug test. It is best that all employees be tested. Why? Because that ensures that it is a fair playing field. If all employees are included in the random testing selection, no one can come forward and say they are being singled out. That is also why the selection of the employees for the random drug tests should be done by an outside third party source.

Some companies choose to only include those positions that are considered safety-sensitive in the random selection program. However, a manager that is primarily in the office and has a drug problem can still cost the company money in lost time. The United States Department of Labor estimates that drug use costs employers between $75 billion and $100 billion each year in lost time, accidents, health care, and workers’ compensation costs.

Companies can be hesitant about implementing drug testing because of the cost. In the big drug testingpicture, paying $35 to $50 for a drug test is minimal when reading the statistic above. Not to mention the non-monetary benefits. Drug testing can make your workplace a safer place to work. It shows that the company cares about the safety of its employees. If an employee tests positive during a random drug test, some employers even pay for treatment. Again, that shows employees that the company cares about them.

If employers have any questions about how to implement random drug testing in their workplace, they should refer to their policy and seek legal advice.

3rd Degree Screening can help your company manage their random drug testing program. We can also help you find a clinic close to your business that can collect the drug tests on your employees. Ordering is easy with a single sign-on and all results will be online.

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