Workplace Drug Testing, Privacy, And Safety

Jun 16, 2013

Workplace Drug Testing, Privacy, And Safety

Are workplaces that drug test invading your privacy? If you search the internet you can find different blogs where people voice their opinions about workplace drug testing and privacy. I understand that if your company comes to you one day and says “you are being drug tested today,” without ever showing you a drug testing policy, then I would say they are an invasion of privacy.

However, if you work for a company that has a drug testing policy, that you have read and signed, acknowledging that you understand that means they drug test their employees, then I would say it is not an invasion of privacy. More and more companies are have a drug-free policy in place. They offer jobs to people contingent on passing the drug test. And they give everyone a copy of the drug-free policy and have them sign the policy stating they understand that means they may be drug tested.

workplace drug testingEmployers want to provide a safe working environment for their employees. An effective drug testing program promotes a safe, productive workplace. Obviously it is important for anyone that is in a safety-sensitive position needs to be drug tested. Typically those positions require working with and/or operating equipment and if someone operating that equipment was under the influence of something, it could cause a terrible accident. An example is what happened recently in Philadelphia. That is an extremely tragic example but it stresses the importance of random drug testing. It also brings up a concern about proper background checks on construction workers.

I can think of several positions where I feel drug testing is important but perhaps they do not fall under the category of a safety-sensitive position. Such as daycare providers, teachers, healthcare workers, pharmacists, home care agencies, and even volunteers. Although these people are not operating heavy equipment, they are taking care of others and if they were to be under the influence while doing their job, they could harm someone.

The best way to prevent issues with drugs in your workplace is to have a drug-free policy that outlines the reasons you drug test, such as pre-employment, post-accident, random, and for cause. And to be knowledgable of what your state laws are regarding workplace drug testing. 3rd Degree Screening can help you find out what your state laws are, get a drug testing policy in place, set-up a random program, and help find a clinic for your company that can collect the drug tests or you.

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