Who Should Do Background Checks?

Jun 03, 2013

Who Should Do Background Checks?

There is a lot in the news right now about background checks for owning a gun and even purchasing ammunition. So much that I think people lose sight of the fact that there are many other reasons to conduct background checks.

Employers should be background checking all employees. This should be done when they offer a job to someone and any contractors (plumbers, painters, lawn care, elevator maintenance, etc.) that come onto their property to do work. Reason being that employers are seen as being responsible for anyone that comes onto their property. Large, medium, and small companies should be doing this ~ the number of employees does not matter as background screening protects your company and your employees.

All organizations should be conducting background checks. Daycares, youth organizations, schools, churches, public health programs, I could go on and on. My point is that background checks should not be viewed as a commodity. It should be looked at as a necessity. Obviously we want any school employees and volunteers to be checked, but are they being checked thoroughly? What about home health agencies that go into homes to take care of clients? Are they being checked thoroughly?

background checksOne area that I hadn’t thought about much was summer youth programs and camps. Attorney General Beau Biden, from Delaware, spoke about this topic on WDDE 91.1FM. He is asking that all summer camps and other kids programs in Delaware screen their employees to prevent child abuse. Biden is also encouraging parents to contact the programs their children are involved in to find out if background screenings is mandatory (Leahy, 2013). The full article can be read at http://www.wdde.org/44969-biden-background-checks-summer-youth-programs.

Do you already conduct background checks but not sure if you are doing a thorough check? Or you would like to know if there is a company out there that does a better job at a lower cost? 3rd Degree Screening, a background screening company in Iowa, can do a comparison for you and help you answer those questions. We will evaluate your needs and based on that information, provide you with a comprehensive package that protects your company or organization, the applicant or volunteer, and us. And we’ll do this at a cost that stays within your budget.

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