Sep 27, 2016


Service Allows Consumers to Order a Personal Drug Test or Background Check on Themselves

Council Bluffs, IA — (SBWIRE) — 09/27/2016 — Background checks are an integral part of the hiring process in today’s market, with employers of all industries utilizing them to properly vet their applicants. The catch is, prospective employees almost never see the results of the background check. Key elements from their past they need rectify can go unrecognized, and hamper their chances at employment. Fortunately, a timely, effective solution exists in the brand new launching of a trusted background check website: Facts on Me. The service was recently launched by 3rd Degree Screening, a household name in the background check market. It is sure to help consumers in their job hunting efforts for years to come.

Although 3rd Degree Screening has made a name for themselves over the years by helping firms hire the right people, the Fact on Me service seeks to engage the other half of that coin. “I think it is about time that a company recognized the needs of these applicants, of consumers desperately searching for good work,” explained Jimmy Waters, Director of Operations for 3rd Degree Screening. He continued, saying, “The factsonme.com website seeks to give them the tools they need so that they can know exactly what employers see.”

The team at 3rd Degree Screening recognizes that while there are other personal background check websites available for consumers, they have set theirs apart by one distinct detail: their service is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a federal law created to protect consumers and their personal financial information.

About 3rd Degree Screening Inc.
3rd Degree Screening Inc. has over 17 years of industry experience and the flexible solutions to help employers make informed decisions regarding current and future employees. Their commitment to helping companies of all sizes obtain legal, compliant and comprehensive background checks is a cornerstone of the success of their clients, employees and their own business. For over 19 years, they have made a name for themselves in the research and findings that presented to clients, allowing them to realize that reliable, personal service takes more than just a simple computer search. They are retained by the U.S. Department of Personnel Management and hold Top Secret Security Clearance status. 3DS works cases for many government departments, including: The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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