We provide a background check that scans a candidate’s online presence and is compliant with the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our social media reports present actionable information on potential candidates, allowing companies to make better hiring decisions and protecting them from unnecessary risk.

Benefits of a social media screening:

  • Protect your reputation. Avoid hiring the wrong people and defend your company name from potential employees you would not want representing you.
  • Make better hiring decisions. Having as much information about a candidate as possible, including their online behavior, enables hiring staff to make the best possible choice. Reduce the risk of wasting your company’s time on a bad hire.
  • Ensure appropriate privacy. Defend your privacy and your company’s privacy by determining online sharing patterns before making a hire. Note: for any social media screening, federal- and state-protected classes are redacted.
  • Maintain strong security. Combat potential insider threats by understanding as much about a candidate as possible, including the organizations they are affiliated with, and whether they are at risk for insider trading.

Why use 3rd Degree Screening for your social media scan?

  • We have years of experience delivering thorough and accurate social media reports
  • Our standardized reports are reliable indicators of behavior
  • We are Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved and our background checks are market validated
  • We produce clear and actionable reports