Typically, the education verification report details the highest degree earned or last institution attended. However, we will gladly confirm all degrees earned and all institutions attended upon your request, including high school diploma verification or GED completion verification.

The education verification background check provides the following for each school attended:

  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree received
  • Date of graduation

Please note that academic transcripts, GPA, and/or grades are not typically available. We also provide employment verification and reference checks which pair well with this service.

Proper employee screenings protect you and your company from any hiring miss-steps. Background checks protect you from hiring sex offenders and wanted criminals on a federal level as well as those trying to bend the truth.
Education is one of the best things a person can invest in, especially if they’re looking to be competitive in the job market. But what could be worse is when someone merely claims to have invested in their education, but in fact has no qualifications of that sort. That’s why resume checks for things like checking references, employment history, and their education is such a crucial first step to ensuring that they’ll be a good employee and serve your company well.

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