Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) service was developed in 2002 to protect vital business interests. It mitigates fraud and identity theft while reducing losses, bad/negligent hires, and unauthorized workers and applicants.


CBSV Service Offers:

  • Direct access to the SSA Master File and Death Index for all business purposes
  • Instant, online validation of personal identifiers:

    Date of Birth
    Death Indicator

  • The most accurate results to official governmental sourced records
  • The best way to get verification results from the “SSN Randomization” which began June 2011
  • ID theft and Fraud Protection
  • The validation method used for: 
    Employment (prehire- and post-hire)
    Loan, depository accounts, insurance
    Fraud Investigations
  • Compliance component for regulatory requirement (FTC Red Flags Rule, CIP, KYC, Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative, Dodd-Frank Protection Act, and more)


Search requires specific SSA Release Form to be Signed (electronic signatures not accepted by the SSA)

The form can be found here:

Consent Based Social Security Verification