When a business needs to hire someone, they have a lot of steps to go through. They have to post the position, place an ad, and then screen all the applications that come in. Then they have to interview the person. These are all important steps in the process, however, the most important steps come in when it has been narrowed down to one or two people that the company sees as ideal candidates.

That is when the paperwork for the background check is given and the location of where background checks and drug tests to get the drug test done is given to the candidate. These two items can help save the

company a lot of money and keep their employees safe. The background check can protectyour company from theft, violence, fraud, or even death. Depending on the position, a drug test goes hand-in-hand with the background check to ensure you hire the right person.

Companies may hesitate at the upfront costs associated with conducting a background check and drug test on, but when you look at the costs they have when they hire the wrong person, the background check and drug test costs are minimal. Careerbuilder.com did a survey and found that some companies estimate the cost of a bad hire of being around $25,000! Those costs are associated with re-training that new person, lost productivity, impact of fellow employees, impact on customers, and even the company’s reputation.

Luckily, there are companies that are in business to help prevent employers from making a bad hiring decision. An Iowa background screening company, called 3rd Degree Screening, is a company like that. 3rd Degree Screening can perform the background check for the company as well as coordinate the drug test. And all the ordering can be done online with one sign-on as well as viewing of the results.

I’ve heard companies say “I don’t need to do a background check or drug test because I know who I am hiring.” That may be true, but what if you have an applicant that is top notch but you know nothing about. They interviewed perfectly but they just moved to the area and don’t know anyone yet. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that a drug test and background check was conducted? However, consistency is key. If you are going to background check and drug test candidates, you need to make sure you are following the same process for each position. Perhaps you always narrow it down to two final candidates, then those two candidates are the ones that need to be background checked and drug tested.

So why should companies background check and drug test prospective employees? It’s easy…due diligence! It is your duty as an employer to do everything in your power to protect your employees and customers. It is the right thing to do and it can save your company a significant amount of time and money. But don’t take that responsibility on all by yourself, look to the experts, like 3rd Degree Screening to help you with that process.