3rd Degree Screening, Inc is now offering its current Property Management clients and new Property Management clients a free Applicant/Tenant Tracking System specifically designed for property managers.

Some of our key features with this system are:

Highly Configurable Application Forms:

No more tedious data entry or bothering with faxing! With our application system, your applicant does the work for you. The link to your online application can be placed anywhere you choose, such as your own website or your preferred internet listing service (e.g. Craigslist).

Flexible Applicant Tracking Tools:

Tracking and viewing each applicant and co-applicant submission is made extremely easy. View or print applications, review credit/background check reports, make decisions, and manage Property Management Background Screeningdocuments all in one stop.

Application Fees:

Applicants can pay by credit card for the cost of the background check. You can charge the applicant an application fee or not. It’s your choice!

Applicant Communications:

Instant email notifications keep you up to date with the progress of each applicant throughout the entire application and background screening process.

Instant Lease Form Generation:

Speed up the leasing process by generating ready-to-print lease forms with the click of a mouse. The forms are automatically pre-populated with the information that was already entered by the applicant. Create, edit, store, and even upload your own legal and other forms.

Pre-Intergration with 3rd Degree Screening, Inc

Being highly integrated with 3rd Degree Screening, Inc for background checking and other screening services.