3rd Degree is more than just an employment screening company–we’re an extension of your business.

Our History

3rd Degree Screening, Inc began in 1996 providing wholesale background screening services has a private contractor through Jeanie Waters, doing business as Metro Background Solutions. The largest background check companies across the U.S. quickly took notice of the accuracy and exceptional turn-around-time, Metro Background Solutions became the go to source for background check companies needing research done in the states of Iowa & Nebraska. During the 12 years of service to the largest background check companies in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of wholesale background checks conducted Metro Background Solutions was expanded in 2012 to 3rd Degree Screening, Inc- a business-to-business background check company provider.

3rd Degree Screening strives to be the best background check company in the industry.

Since 2012 we have been serving organizations and companies of all sizes with best in background check, drug testing, and hiring solutions. We believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated and this is why our customer service is a main reason we have been so successful in the background check industry. In business time is money and we care about your company’s time spent in the hiring process. When conducting background checks for your company you can be assured 3rd Degree Screening will have superior customer service, accurate reports, and industry leading turnaround times, all while using some of the best background check software technology in the industry.

We are serious about our customer service.

We believe in treating our customers how we would like to be treated. This is why customer service is vital to our success in the background check industry. We do this by providing each of our clients’ customer care service reps and national account executive rep. Your customer care service reps are resources that can handle daily questions, compliance considerations, status updates and other related issues about your background check program. Your national account executive rep is responsible for all aspects of your program. Your national account executive rep is there to understand your business, background check program, and identify any ways to improve and streamline your processes. You have 24/7 accesses to your customer care service reps and national account executive rep via phone, email, and even cell phone for after regular business hours. We strive to have any issues or problems resolved on your first call. When you call 3rd Degree Screening you will be directed to your customer account service rep or national account service rep immediately, ensuring you are talking to the right person to solve any issue and problem. With 95% of issues are resolved while on the first phone call. The other 5% are taken care of within 24 hours and followed up when resolved to ensure you are aware the issue has been taken care of.

Accuracy is vital in making informed hiring decisions.

Accuracy is extremely important to us and we strive to have 100% accuracy rates. We have processes and procedures in place to give us the best chance at achieving this goal. We do this by extensive training of employees and extreme vetting and auditing of our vendors. We have various quality control process and steps to ensure we are giving our clients the most accurate and up-to-date reports. If an error is brought to our attention or found (since inception 3rd degree screening has a 99% accuracy rate), we identify how the error was made and reinforce and/or adjust the process to ensure it does not happen again. We take any errors very seriously and are correct same day 99% of the time.

Your time is important to us and we do not want to make you wait on hiring the best.

The better the turn-around-time of your background check the quicker you can hire the best candidate. Our teams of in-house researchers have access to thousands of jurisdictions across the U.S. this means we can search records with a “hands on, eyes on” approach the same day of your order if not within hours or minutes. When our in-house team does not have access to jurisdictions we use our vetted network of court-house researchers across the U.S. because of our superior background check technology our network of researches are notified within seconds with all the information they need to conduct record research on the ordered background check.

We have simple yet power background check technology.

We truly believe we have the best background check system technology on the market. Our background check software, is your single source platform to perform multiple hiring solutions such as, background checks, drug testing, occupational health services, electronic form I-9, and more. We are even committed to streamlining the process a step further if you have invested in a applicant tracking system. We have in the most popular applicant tracking systems on the market and are always looking to integrate with more.