A basic employment verification typically provides the following from each previous employer on a candidate’s resume:

  • Dates of employment
  • Job title
  • Reason for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire

The verification of an applicant’s employment history can provide insight into the type of person you are considering hiring and help eliminate any unexplained gaps in employment.

The experience a potential employee brings to the table is their most valuable bargaining chip. If they can bring five-plus years of experience to a job listing that only really needed three years, you’ll be investing in a far more valuable employee who will help you hone your processes and improve your overall operations. In fact, experience is likely the most important factor that an employer hires on. Thus, if you were to discover that this potential employee who’s swept you and your hiring team off their feet is lying about the experience in their field that they can bring to the table, you’re not just being duped, you’re being taken advantage of .

Don’t Be Taken By Surprise. Invest in High-Quality Background Checks

Don’t allow a would-be employee to fool you. Invest in a proper background check that protects you from paying for experience that doesn’t exist. Reach out to 3rd Degree Screening today to find out more about our background check packages and how we can help you find the best employee for your position now.