For many employers, a trustworthy employee/employer relationship is solidified within a short while. However, to extend the trust even further, drug testing in the workplace is a surefire way to ensure that employees are following company policy. More employers are developing drug screening policies and employees should be familiar with the reasons. Here are five reasons why employers may choose to drug test their employees.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Pre-Employment Drug Screening Program

Pre-employment drug testing is the most common reason employee/potential employee are drug tested. Employers believe a drug screening may protect themselves from a bad hire.

Random Drug Testing and Random Drug Screening Program

Random testing uses a random drug testing selection process of X (a number or percentage the employer chooses) of individuals from all of the employees at the company in a drug screening pool. Random Drug test are unannounced and can essentially happen at any time.

Post-Accident Drug Testing and Drug Screening Program

Accidents can happen in the workplace. Employers may have anyone involved in an accident in the workplace drug tested. The drug test is used to determine if drugs may have influenced the accident.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing and Drug Screening Program

Reasonable suspicion drug testing when fellow employees have evidence or reasonable suspicion another employee may be under the influence of drugs in the workplace.

Return-to-Work Drug Testing and Drug Screening Program

Return-to-work drug testing may occur when an employee who has previously tested positive with the company’s drug screening policy must take a drug screen before returning to work.

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