As an employer did you recently bid or anticipate winning a government contract? Is your company positioned to be a subcontractor on a government project?

Many federal and state contracts require participating employees to be screened by the individual government agency. This includes the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security & many others.

Be pro-active in running a Pre-Security Clearance Search on employees who will be working on government contracts prior to the government’s own investigation process. More specifically, on those employees who will be required to obtain and hold a Minimal Background Investigative clearance (MBI). Holding this level of security clearance (officially known as SECRET) is becoming more common in workplaces where employees have access to Personal Indentifiable Information (PII).

In addition to working closely with your designated personnel officer, 3rd Degree Screening incorporates our 5 step process.

  1. Completion of a FRCA compliant Release
  2. Initial consultation with your employee by one of our Contracted Credentialed Investigators retained by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
  3. Investigation based on Government regulations in association of level of clearance being sought
  4. Follow-up consultation including Issue Resolution with employee when trigger issues are present.
  5. Provide a checklist of information that the employee will need to have on hand when completing the Government E-Quip form. (Incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the employee is one of the main triggers resulting in a personal visit from a Government Investigator or Contracted Government Investigator.
3rd Degree Screening works in concert with your designated personnel and the contracting agency's regulations officer to expedite the process.


  1. A smooth implementation working on your government contract.
  2. No down times when an employee has to take time off to be interviewed by an investigator.
  3. No surprises - when you learn, only after the Government Investigation has been completed, that a key employee is not granted a clearance resulting in having to scramble to find a qualified replacement.
  4. The ability to impress the Government that you as an employer bidding on a contract has qualified employees in place ready to work the contract.


Our consultation prior to our Pre-Security Clearance Background Search will help you to understand the process involved and the importance of correctly completing the Government E-Quip questionaire. 3RD Degree takes away the unknowns associated with this added service provided to you by your employer.

Once 3RD Degree has conducted an indepth background search we will follow-up with you personally. If you have issues we will help you in resolving them prior to completing the Government E-Quip Forms.