Two very valuable resources that help identify the character, nature and history of individual behavior.


This is a repository search performed a the U.S. District Court.


There are several types of credit reports that can be provided that may or may not include a specific credit score.  These include:

  • Consumer Credit Report
  • Standard Credit Report
  • Credit Report for Tenant Screening
  • Employee Credit Report
  • Consumer Credit Report

Consumer Credit Report

3DS has the capability to obtain credit reports instantly. Reports include information regarding trade accounts (credit cards, phone bills, car payments, insurance, mortgage, and charge accounts), accounts that have had negative action on them (write-offs, bad debt, collections, foreclosures, and repossessions), and public records (civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcy).

Credit Report (Standard)

This is a regular credit report for business transactions (Credit Granting) that does reflect a credit score.

Credit Report (Tenant Screening)

This is a regular credit report for business transactions (Credit Granting) that does reflect a credit score.

Employee Credit Report

Provides a credit report that does not have a credit score; but reflects current and previous negative account information, collections, liens, and other applicable information.

Why order this search?

Credit Reports are important when applicants are to be assigned to fiduciary responsibilities, certain sensitive positions or if they will have access to cash, expensive equipment or other people’s property. Habits such as living beyond one’s means and ownership of large debts with no immediate method of repayment are key indicators of financial irresponsibility that can carry over into the workplace. This report provides a profile of the subject’s financial history for the past seven years. Charge-offs, collections accounts, public records, trade lines, bankruptcies, judgments, and monthly payment histories are included in this report. If Adjudication Criteria is provided to 3DS by our client for credit reports, we can score these as Pass or Fail.

The TransUnion employment credit report header consists of name, current address, previous addresses, SSN, and may also include the following: phone, current employer, up to three previous employers, and aliases. The credit file includes certain public records, such as bankruptcy records and tax liens, along with a credit summary regarding number of trades, past due or negative accounts, and total indebtedness. You will also receive specific details on each individual trade. This credit report is designed for employment purposes, so it does not place an inquiry on the applicant’s report.